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“This path we have chosen because it has heart…We are the path.”

LMD Productions invites you to participate in our inaugural New Mexico Salsa Congress bringing together local, regional and global Latin music and dance professionals and enthusiasts who constitute a multi-cultural and multi-generational celebration of Latin music; its history; dance forms and dance education here, annually, in Albuquerque.
LMD Productions is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable educational organization under the banner of The New Mexico Dance Coalition with the primary goal of changing lives by supporting and celebrating New Mexico’s vibrant Latin music & dance culture through dance education & events for all ages in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

Why We Exist

New Mexico Salsa Congress is the work of a dance advocacy organization LMD Productions. It serves to educate and elevate the level of Latin dancing in New Mexico and beyond. Great pride and care is taken in every event, every aspect of production—be it weekly or annual events—with every class or workshop we host. Because of this you’ll find the New Mexico Salsa Congress comparable or rivaling any Salsa congress in much larger markets from any other city in the nation but with a culture, history and beauty all its own.
Social dancing assuredly breaks down barriers and serves to bring together in solidarity a most divergent blend of people and backgrounds–people from all walks are welcomed, all age groups represented, all ethnicities, the gamut of social strata together under one roof… or…under one star-studded New Mexico sky. We believe the healthy-fun, skill development, cultural awareness and socialization that dance engenders affords our community a vital outlet for healthy self-expression and corporal well-being.
LMD Productions’ programming includes weekly salsa and hip-hop instruction for high school youth, weekly Afro-Latin dance education and dance socials for all-ages along with the promotion and/ or sponsorship of various seminal salsa dance classes in addition to our annual February Salsa Love Fest and Fall Congress–to further the education and skill level of our local dance community.

LMD Productions Board Members

President-James E. Foley

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