Perform at Our Event



1.  FILL OUT the application with information about your performance.
2.  ONE REQUEST per performance.
3.  ALL PERFORMERS are REQUIRED to purchase a “PERFORMERS” wristband to perform and no other wristband(s) will be accepted.
4.  If your performance is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the Primary Contact.
5.  You will then need to register and pay for each dancer.
6.  UNIQUE Name. Each name (not email) must be unique and match a photo ID.
7.  PHONE Numbers are used for additional ID purposes only.
8.  MINORS are not required to have ID, but must remain with chaperon/parent at all times.
9.  Chaperons / Parents are required to purchase an Event Pass and show ID.
10.  Wristbands can not be “passed out” and must be placed on the Ticket Holder by Registration.
11.  SUBMIT and FINALIZE your request.

Please email us at

Terms & Conditions


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